We love our children,

From the moment they’re conceived,

We begin to plan for them to be

All that they can be.



As my children grew I learned two very important facts:


            ***  One, each child is a fresh combination of genes that has never existed in any other human being and never will again.  Each is truly unique.


            ***  Two, I learned that we didn’t know a thing about parenting. I remember thinking that two hearts full of love and being positive role models would be enough; I was wrong.  Instead, I learned that raising a child is an incredibly complex and difficult job.


            In his book, The Challenge of Parenthood, Rudolph Dreikurs, the famous parenting expert says:  “From infancy, your child doesn’t merely react to you and her surroundings.   Instead, from birth she is observing her family, drawing conclusions about them and acting out her conclusions not only about them but also about herself and how she should “fit in.”  She isn’t consciously aware of her own conclusions but she forms them nevertheless.” 


            Yes, it’s true that babies have a mind of their own.  As the infant becomes a full-fledged baby, the baby evolves into a toddler, a preschooler and then a kindergartner, she is deciding for herself who she’ll be for the rest of her life: but remember, UNconsciously.


            As parents, we’re usually completely unaware that our child is forming her inner life.  But, yes, your child’s personality forms by five years old.





There’s plenty of good information around about your child’s physical development.  But, it isn’t easy to find information about how your child develops her personality.  If you’re like most of us, you don’t understand some of your child’s behaviors.  So . . .it sure is calming to know what’s causing it.





This site is devoted to helping parents, grandparents, teachers and others who are involved with babies, children or teens.  Once, you understand more about your child’s personality type, you can guide her better and provide what she needs.  Best of all, you can do it without confusion, doubt or guilt.

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